About Us

We are a registered 501(c)(3) public charity founded in September of 2010 in memory of 6 year old Isaiah Alonso. Heading the foundation are Isaiah's parents Cheryl and Vinnie Alonso. Together they share a passion to keep the light of Isaiah forever flickering. One way this is accomplished is by helping other families and raising awareness for Childhood Cancer.

Meet the Team

We are so fortunate to have assembled a knowledgeable and dedicated team working very hard for the Isaiah Alonso Foundation. We have a unique perspective on families dealing with cancer and it's the source of our compassion and determination to care deeply for our cause. We are all volunteers and do not take a salary.

Vinnie Alonso, Executive Director


Vinnie has the final approving authority on all designs and merchandise. He approves all fundraisers and events. He determines who we will be affiliated with and approves all written material that will be published to all media venues. Vinnie is Isaiah's Dad and has quickly become the spokesperson for the IAF and the lead on the monthly board meetings. Vinnie is retired from the US Army, Quartermaster Corp and is currently working for the United Stated Army Human Resource Command with a expertise in Human Resource.

Cheryl Alonso, Director of Finances

Cheryl maintains all financial records for the IAF and also wears many hats. She is Isaiah's mom and as such has a clear direction of how she'd like to help other families. Cheryl oversees all merchandise and also maintains our website. She is retired from the US Army and presently working for the United States Army Human Resource command with an expertise in Human Resource.

Sue Axelrod, Public Relations

Sue heads our Georgia chapter and is a board member. She is essentially Cheryl's right hand and assists her in day to day functions of all aspects of our operations. She is Isaiah's Aunt and has a clear understanding of the mission of IAF. Her duties include maintaining our social networking accounts and serving as our Public Relations liaison. Sue is presently a stay at home mom that has experience in restaurant management with a focus on customer relations.

Jeremiah Gruber, Board Member

Jeremiah has previous foundation experience and a strong background in logistics. He specializes in fundraising and research. He also has a strong passion for the cause. Isaiah was close to his family and his sons' best friend. It is his focus and determination to see that IAF fulfills and maintains its mission statement.

Rachel Axelrod, Art Designer

Rachel is a talented artist who has designed our logo, Christmas cards and our new, yet to be unveiled, superhero design. Rachel is Isaiah's cousin and she also designed a special piece of art for her Aunt Cheryl. Rachel's artwork comes from her heart and it shows!

Mike Egeland, Print Specialist

Mike is instrumental with overseeing all of our original designs in order to make them fit for print. In addition, he donates his professional services regularly. He is responsible for printing all of our postcards and has also printed all of our address labels. Mike has 20+ years experience in the On Demand Print Industry and is always eager to help in any way possible. Mike is Isaiah's Uncle and he has a strong passion for our cause.

CeeJay Hoke, Graphic Design

CeeJay is our go-to person for all of our posters and graphic design needs. She has a knack for understanding what it is we're looking for, even when we don't know it until we see it. CeeJay volunteers her time regularly and we are grateful. Helping families is personal for CeeJay as she is Momma to Rachel, forever six.

Helping one family at a time
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